Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Livelihoods and Farm Production

The National Development Plan (2010/11-2014/15) reveals that more than 70% of Uganda’s population depends on farming for their employment, food, income and welfare.  Sustaining farm production is not only currently challenged by depleted soils, the impacts of climate change and variability, over population, limited access to market and dependency on rudimentary and traditional methods of farming but also constraints to performance namely; the limited human resource capacity in delivery of extension service from a systems thinking perspective. This failing means that agriculture cannot fulfill its potential to support national growth, poverty reduction and food security. 

 The Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Livelihoods and Farm Production (BSc.ALFP) is a four year programme that is offered under the Department of Environment and Livelihoods Support Systems and it offers a unique programme that brings an interdisciplinary approach to agricultural development, integrating perspectives from agricultural sciences and social sciences. The interdisciplinary approach to training offers a holistic insight and ensures that graduates are able to effectively act as change agents in delivering agricultural transformation within the sector. The programme provides an understanding of how to facilitate appropriate innovations in farm production and agribusiness within a pro-poor growth agenda, and how to support equitable mechanisms that allow farmers to access market opportunities and engage in processes of agricultural commercialization.

 The following thematic areas are covered to reflect the need for knowledge and skills in optimizing livelihood options, strengthening community support and current extension farming skills for effective farm production systems:  

1.      Basic principles in livelihood approaches and agricultural sciences

2.      Farming systems and entrepreneurship

3.      Supporting rural livelihoods transformation

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