Dr. Charles Muchunguzi

(BA (SS), PGD M.A, PhD)

Mbarara University of Science and Technology

Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies 

Senior Lecturer, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Charles Muchunguzi, BA (SS), PGD (Dev’t Studies) M.A (Development Studies), PhD (Development Studies)

Charles Muchunguzi is a Sociologist with main focus on the anthropology of pastoralists and other indigenous livestock breeding communities. Charles is currently a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies at Mbarara University of Science and Technology. He teaches a course in Qualitative Research Methods both at Undergraduate and Graduate levels and also teaches Participatory Approaches to Development. Charles also teaches courses; Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies and Methodology, Conceptualisation and Theoretical Analysis and Land Tenure, Use and Planning to undergraduate students in the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies. In addition Charles also teaches a course; Sociology of Health and Illness to students undertaking a programme; BSc. Gender and Applied Women Health.

Charles’s PhD research focused on the Adaptive Responses of Pastoralists to a Resource Crisis in search of a Livelihood in the Uganda Cattle Corridor. The Masters Research analysed the strategies for integrating indigenous People in the Management of Protected Areas with reference to Bahima Pastoralists and Lake Mburo National Park.


 Charles has worked on a number of research and on a number of projects in the area of Pastoralists development. From 1997-1999 Charles worked as a research assistant on the Project funded by Africa Wildlife Foundation that aimed at documenting the value attitudes of Bahima pastoralists on the Long Horn-Ankole Cow in the Ankole Ranching Scheme (funded by Fauna and Flora International). This project provided a foundation the current project sponsored by Fauna and Flora International on The Conservation of the Ankole Cow project. Charles has been a member of the project steering committee from 2005-2013. In 2005 Charles was the Principal Investigator for a study sponsored by Innovations at Makerere (I@Mak) on the Effects of Decentralisation within the Health Sector on access to health services among pastoral Communities in the Ankole Ranching Scheme (funded by The World Bank).


From 2010 -2015 Charles was a co-investigator on study: “Reducing the Risks and Vulnerabilities of wildlife related Diseases using an Ecosystem approach in Uganda’s Cattle Corridor. The study focused mainly on Brucellosis prevalence and socio-cultural factors that influence the brucellosis disease burden. In October 2013 as a visiting professor at the University of Virginia gave a presentation on “The Social Considerations of Disease Burden in Ankole Dry lands” with specific reference to Brucellosis in the Pastoralists communities of Ankole dry lands. The Study was funded by IDRC –Canada.


Charles is currently a member of the OneHealth team at Mbarara University of Science and Technology involved in supervision of students during field attachments and is also leading in the development of MSc. Programme in Medical Anthropology at Mbarara University.





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