Bachelor of Planning and Community Development (B.PCD)

The Bachelor of Planning and Community Development (B.PCD) programme is premised on an interdisciplinary approach that integrates the perspectives and ideas of multiple disciplines to build effective community development practitioners. The programme enables students to acquire planning skills that demonstrate inclusive thinking and techniques of integration in order to move towards an interdisciplinary approach to decision making and problem solving for community development. The programme provides a basis for students to understand community needs from a policy legacy, theoretical and conceptual debates in the field of planning and community development. The students also acquire a diverse range of skills in areas such as theory application, community organizing, finance, planning and management.

Specific Objectives

  1. To create specialists with knowledge and skills in developing quality plans that facilitate community development processes.
  2. To build the capacity of development practitioners with planning knowledge and skills that will spearhead the implementation of relevant programmes at local, national and international levels.
  3. To provide specialized training for practitioners involved in a wider spectrum that require an integrated system of service delivery.
  4. To create a data base through quality research that will provide a foundation for planning and evaluation of development programmes.
  5. To produce graduates with the ability to foster partnerships and collaborations with both local and international institutions and other development agencies for planning and implementation of development processes.

The programme aims at empowering students with skills in planning for community resources and overall development. In relation to the National Development Plan development strategies, this programme contributes to knowledge and skills that address improvement of public sector planning and management for efficient and effective service delivery, creation of a responsive human resource equipped with positive values and attitudes to generate and support societal  transformation. 

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