Graduate Studies

The Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies (FIS) prides in graduate training that emphasizes interdisciplinary approaches to teaching and research. The graduate trainings fit well within MUST’s long track record of delivering relevant education and community based approaches to research which address community complex and multifaceted needs and challenges.

 Graduate training at FIS is grounded within the national development priorities and capacity gaps. The Research and Graduate Studies department is a support and coordination unit of the departments the departments that spearhead undergraduate training namely: Governance and Planning, Behavioral and Community Sciences and Environment and Livelihoods Support Systems. The graduate programmes are largely drawn from these parent departments and they are as follows:

 Ongoing Post-graduate Programmes

The following is are the current post graduate programmes and enrollment as of 2017/18:

   PhD (20 students)

  • Master of Arts in Development Studies
  • Master of Arts in Local Governance and Planning
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Criminology 
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Development Studies